April 11

St. Antipas

Saint Antipas

Early Life

What little is known about Saint Antipas is taken from the writings ofSaint John the Apostle.

He was first mentioned in the Bible in the Apocalypse of Saint John,also called the book of Revelations.

Some people reckon that isthe only account that mentions the Saint.

Saint Antipas, also called Antipas of Pergamum, existed with the earlyChurch. What little record that is available about doesn’t mention whatyear he was born.

Saint Antipas was speculated to have been born in Pergamum, also calledPergamon, an ancient Greek city located in Mysia. It is said to belocated close to the Aegean Sea.

This beautiful and powerful city was said to have been called “Satan’sSeat” in Saint John the Apostle’s writing.

Saint Antipas lived during the time of Emperor Nero, between 54-68 A.D.During this period, Emperor Nero prosecuted Christians who refused tooffer sacrifices to the pagan gods.

Dedication and Devotion

Saint Antipas was a disciple and close witness of Saint John theApostle. He was said to have been appointed Bishop of the Church inPergamum by Saint John.

Emperor Nero had a decree that injuncted every citizen of Pergamum tooffer pagan sacrifices or risk being exiled, or even worse, killed.

Antipas was said to have been strong in faith. He was devoted, pious,and reportedly not afraid of the decree. Not only did he refuse to offerthe sacrifices as instructed, but Antipas also went around preaching thegospel to everyone.

He began to convince people to stop the sinful acts of offeringsacrifices to gods that couldn’t help them. He believed in one true Godand wasn’t afraid to preach it.

These enraged the pagan priest and they went to warn Antipas, claimingthat their gods were greater than his. Antipas calmly argued in favor ifhis religion and refused to stop preaching.

Further angered by his lack of fear, the pagan priest arrested SaintAntipas and dragged him to the Emperor.

Death and Canonization

Emperor Nero ordered that Saint Antipas be thrown into the Brazen Bull.The Brazen bull was a bull-shaped death and torture device that roastedan individual alive once a fire was lit beneath it.

Even in the blazing hot furnace, Saint Antipas was said to have beenpraying loudly to God.

Saint Antipas died a Martyr for God circa 92 A.D at Pergamum, Lyon. Hewas canonized Pre-Congregation by popular acclamation.

Even in death, Saint Antipas was said to have been a bearer of miracles.His relics were believed to produce a miraculous oil called manna of thesaints. His tomb is a popular pilgrim spot for the sick.

His relics was said to have been assigned to a monastery in Patmos wherein his time Saint Johnthe Apostle was said to be in exile. A temple inPergamum was dedicated to Antipas.

Saint Antipas is celebrated by the Roman Catholic Church on the 11th ofApril.

5 Interesting Facts About Saint Antipas

  1. Did you know that Saint Antipas is the Patron Saint against
    toothache and diseases of the teeth?
  2. Did you know that the Brazen bull was used to burn sacrifices to the
  3. Did you know that the body of Saint Antipas was said to have been
    untouched by the fure when it was brought kit if the bull?
  4. Did you know that the brazen bull was said to have been located in
    the temple of Greek goddess Artemis?
  5. Did you know that Saint Antipas’ name was found in one of the seven
    letters of the church in the Bible?