January 2

St. Aspasius

Saint Aspasius

There is not enough information available to tell us in detail who SaintAspasius was in his time.

Saint Aspasius is also known as Aspasius of Auc, Aspasius of Meaux,Aspasius of Melun, or Aspasius of √Čauze.

There is no available data that records what he did earlier in his life.There are no records of parents, siblings, or type of education gotten.

Saint Aspasius is said to have been born in France of Europe. He wasmade the Bishop of Auch. As part of his responsibilities, he was orderedby Bishop Lupus of Sens to go and spread the word in Brie.

Saint Aspasius was also a part of councils that took place between 533and 549 A.D. He was said to have hosted a provincial council around 551A.D.

Saint Aspasius died in the year 560. The cause of death was said to havebeen natural.

Saint Aspasius is venerated in Meaux and Merlin, both of which arelocated in France. His relics are said to be held at the Church ofAspasius which is dedicated to him. The Church is located in Melun,France.

Saint Aspasius was Canonized Pre-Congregation. He was named a Saint bypopular acclamation.

Saint Aspasius is named as the patron saint against abscesses andheadaches. He has also been claimed as the patron saint of Melun,France.