March 4

St. Casimir

St. Casimir

Early Life

  1. He was the son of Poland’s King Casimir IV and Elizabeth of
    Austria. He was the third son of thirteen children.

Dedication and Devotion

He began his studies alongside his brothers with Priest John Dlugosz.Casimir would go on to learn about devotion and politics from him.

Casimir wasn’t like a typical royal son. He didn’t subscribe to theluxurious lifestyle that came with being a prince instead, he dedicatedhis life to God. He wore plain clothes and refused to sleep on royalbeds. He slept on the floor, he denied himself of comfort.

He had great values and was remarkable in self-discipline even as ateenager. He was ever calm in the face of pressure.

He was so dedicated to God that he spent most of his nights praying andmeditating. He was devoted to the Blessed Sacrament.

Heartily, he gave to the poor and the needy in the land. Casimir wasempathetic and compassionate when relating with people. He lived hislife as a common man.


At 13, he would have become the king of Hungary as the Hungarians askedhis father, the king to offer him to them as their new king. While hewent to lead the Hungarians to war out of obedience to his father, hisheart was not there. He felt deeply that God didn’t want that to happen.He eventually had to return to Poland when the plan went south.

The army he was to lead was outnumbered by the Turks (the enemy) andsome of his soldiers left the mission as they were owed. His officersadvised him to return home and he did.

His father was mad at the situation and had him punished for failing onthe mission. While serving his punishment, he made up his mind to neverbe involved in anything that has to do with war again. He continued inhis devotion to God.

He returned to his studies with Dlugosz as he learned by observing hisfather’s rule. To form an alliance with the emperor, Casimir was askedto marry the Emperor’s daughter. He vehemently refused and chose a lifeof celibacy to honor God.

He was pressured on every side but he stood firm in his beliefs anddevotion to God. Luxuries became a temptation to him and he wasunwavering in his loyalty to God.

In 1471, his father went on a journey. He was away from 1479 to 1483, hewent to attend to the state’s business in Lithuania. Casimir was incharge of Poland while his father was away, from 1481 to 1483

Casimir became sick and knew the end was drawing closer hence, he drewcloser to God in his devotion

500 years after his death, [Pope John Paul II mentioned how St. Casimir“embraced a life of celibacy, submitted himself humbly to God’s will inall things, devoted himself with tender love to the Blessed Virgin Maryand developed a fervent practice of adoring Christ present in theBlessed Sacrament.”]

[“To all,” the Pope said, “he was a shining example of poverty and ofsacrificial love for the poor and needy.”]

Death and Canonization

Casimir died at a young age. He died at 25 of lung disease on the 4th ofMarch, 1484. He was buried in Vilnius, Lithuania.

He was canonized in 1522 by Pope Adrian VI.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Casimir

  1. Did you know that Casimir is also patron of the Knights of St. John?
  2. Did you know that “Daily, Daily Sing to Mary.” was Casmir’s
    favorite hymn?
  3. Did you know that Casimir was the Grand Duke of Lithuania?
  4. Did you know that 15 year-old Casimir was held in confinement for 3
    months when he failed his father?
  5. Did you know that Casimir served as regent of the nation while his
    father was away?

Prayer to St. Casimir

All-powerful God,to serve you is to reign:by the prayers of Saint Casimir,help us to serve you in holiness and justice.Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with youin the unity of the Holy Spirit,one God, for ever and ever.Amen.