September 7

St. Cloud

St. Cloud

St. Cloud (known as St Clodoald) was born in 522 A.D. He was the son ofKing Chlodomer of Orleans and his wife Guntheuc. After his parents’death, he was one of the three brothers raised in Paris by theirgrandmother, the widowed Queen dowager Clotilde. However, the boys’uncles Childebert I, King of Paris and Clotaire, King of Soissons,coveted the kingdom of Orleans and planned to murder their nephews.Cloud escaped, but his two brothers were killed. He sought sanctuarywith St Remigius, the Bishop of Rheims located a short distance fromParis.

Cloud renounced all claims to the throne and lived as a studious hermitand disciple of St Severin of Paris. He drew closer to God throughsilence and solitude. He appreciated his separation from the world and alife of silence far away from the perilous life in the royal palace. Hewas taught all the monastic virtues.

Cloud left the hermitage when he was 20 years old. He appeared beforethe bishop of Paris surrounded by civic leaders, religious leaders andmembers of the royal family. It should be noted that Cloud was still aprince and heir to the throne. He put on his royal robes and carriedscissors in one hand and a coarse garment in the other.

The bishop dressed him in the coarse garment as a symbol of thespiritual path that he was now taking. This also showed that he wasdenouncing the material riches associated with royalty. Cloud’s longhair, which was a symbol of royalty, was cut by the bishop. Thissymbolized that Cloud was severing ties with the royal family and falsepleasures.


When St Severin the hermit died, Cloud left Paris to find solitudedeeper in the forest. He sought silence which enabled him to communicatewith God more intimately while praying for the needs of people. Godanswered his prayers mysteriously by sending people to find him in theforest. Most of them were suffering from incurable diseases and theirsouls were oppressed. With the gift given to him by Jesus Christ, Cloudhealed and delivered them.

Cloud as a hermit for eleven years, read the scriptures and soughtrevelation in the word of God. He left the pleasures of the royal courtand gave his life to Christ. This explains the paintings of artists whoportray St Cloud holding a Bible.


By public demand, Cloud was ordained a priest in 551 A.D by BishopEusebius of Paris. He served the church with humility and charity. Hebecame pastor of a small village in Novigentum known today as thecommunity of Saint Cloud. The village consisted of peasant farmers andfishermen.

The village benefitted from his gifts of healing, counselling andpreaching.

Cloud’s uncles repented from their sin and made peace with theirnephew. They restored Cloud’s inheritance which included many castles,estates and lands. He sold some of these properties and distributed hiswealth to the poor. With the permission of Bishop Eusebius, he used asmall portion of the wealth to build a church dedicated to St Martin ofTours.

The charity and love that Cloud had attracted many people to live nearhim. They wanted to experience the joy and peace of Jesus Christ. As thenumbers increased, Cloud saw it fit to form a religious communitydevoted to serving God and His people. This community was attached tothe Church of St Martin of Tours.

Death and Patronage

Cloud died on 7 September 560 A.D. He was aged 38. His Feast Day iscelebrated on September 7.

On 12 September 1891, Pope Leo XIII named St Cloud the patron saint ofthe Church of Saint-Cloud in Minnesota. He is also the patron saint ofthe Saint Cloud Hospital. Nail makers are also under the patronage of StCloud.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Cloud

  1. According to legend, St Cloud accurately predicted the date of his
  2. He was buried in the community of St Cloud in France.
  3. After his canonisation, St Cloud’s tomb transformed into a place of
    pilgrimage where huge crowds frequented.
  4. He had a gift of healing and delivering people from all kinds of

Prayer to St. Cloud

Dear St Cloud,You renounced ambition and violence to toil for the Lord. May I be ruledby faith, not ego.Amen.