June 26

St. David

St. David

Early Life

St.David, one of the most celebrated British saints was born in 520AD.It is said that his birth was foretold by an angel to Saint Patrickaround 373AD.

The circumstance surrounding the birth of David is sketchy. His motherwas called Non, who might have been a nun at the cloister in Ty Gwyn atthe time. Non, who later became Saint Non was also the daughter of aking in Pembrokeshire

It was also said that his father, Sant, also known as Xantus was a localking who was related to King Arthur. It is stated that Sant raped Nonbecause she was very beautiful.

Another legend has it that Sant and Non were married, and Non became anun later in her life. She conceived a child and birthed David at aplace close to St Bride’s Bay.

Saint David was baptized around Porth Clais by Saint Ailbhe. It is saidthat miracles happened on that day, one of which involved a monk whowas blind regaining his sight.

Dedication and Devotion

St David began schooling at Hen Vynywa monastery in Cardigan. It is saidthat David learned Latin, Astronomy and Mathematics there. Uponcompleting his studies at Hen Vynyw, it is said that David went on tocontinue his studies at the Isle of Wight to become a priest. SaintPaulinus was his teacher.

St David was a vegetarian and ate only vegetables, herbs and bread. Heonly drank water, no wine. Sometimes, he went to the cold lake, his bodydipped up to his neck as he recited scriptures. This was his penance.

News spread about St.David and the monks. Their dedication wasunrivaled. They worked under difficult circumstances. They limited theirfoods to vegetables and bread and tilled the land themselves without theuse of animals.

Life at the monastery was strict. The monks ate once in a day, in theevening, after which they prayed for three hours before going to sleep.Speech was limited, they were to pray at all times.

The monks fed themselves and the visitors that came around. They alsolearned bookkeeping and fed the poor.


  1. He insisted on this path following the moral decadence he observed
    at the time.

Death and Canonization

David died in his monastery at an old age. The year he died is not knownbut it is said to be between 560 and 601.

In 1120, Pope Callactus II canonized David as a Saint.

5 Interesting Facts About St. David

  1. Did you know that St. David is the patron saint of doves, poets and
  2. Did you know that St. David was known as Aquaticus (which means the
    water drinker) in Welsh?
  3. Did you know that anyone who wanted to join Saint David’s monastery
    has to wait outside for 10 days?
  4. Did you know that St. David’s Cathedral is Wales’s largest
  5. Did you know that more than fifty churches in South Wales were
    dedicated to St. David in pre-reformation days?

Prayer to St. David

God our Father,you gave the bishop David to the Welsh Churchto uphold the faithand to be an example of Christian perfection.In this changing world may he help us to hold fast to the valueswhich bring eternal life.Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with youin the unity of the Holy Spirit,one God, for ever and ever.Amen.