November 27

St. James Intercisus

Saint James Intercisus

Life and Devotion

Saint James Intercisus is also known as Saint James the Mutilated. Hewas a Christian Martyr.

There is no detailed information about how the Saint had lived. It isreckoned that he was born in Beth Huzaye in Persia.

His day of birth is unknown. There is no data that talks about who hisparents were or if he had any siblings.

There is no record of where Saint James Intercisus received hiseducation.

Saint James was a military officer and adviser to King Yazdegerd I. Itwas during this time that Christians were being persecuted by Yazdegerd.

Saint James was a devoted Christian. It must have been really difficultto practice your religion when you worked in such close proximity with aman who had sworn to eradicate Christians.

Afraid for his life, Saint James Intercisus had renounced his religionin order to escape the wrath of the new law.

This disappointed his family members who refused to do the same. AfterKing Yazdegerd I died, Saint James’ family reached out to him.

They reprimanded him for denouncing his faith. This saddened James andhe had a rethink.

He realized how far he had been from God. He realized that in his questto stay alive and maintain his position in the society, he might havefallen short of glory from Heaven.

Wanting to make up for his betrayal of Christianity, he went into thepresence of Yazdegerd’s successor, Bahra. V. There, in front ofeveryone, he confessed to being a Christian.

Enraged, King Bahra. sentenced Saint James Intercisus to death.

Death and Canonization

Saint James Intercisus died in the year 421 A.D in Beth Lapat, Persia.

Intercisus in his name literally means “cut to pieces”, detailing themanner of his slow and painful death.

History records that James Intercisus was hung from a piece of wood andthen cut in small pieces. He survived each cut starting from his fingersuntil he was beheaded.

He had instructed his followers on how he wanted to be buried. To honorhis decision, they had asked for the pieces of his body. Their requestwas denied.

This led them to sneak into the grounds at night and steal the bodyparts. History documents that the body parts were transferred to theCathedral of Braga in Portugal and kept in a sarcophagus.

There are several religious institutions that are dedicated to SaintJames Intercisus.

A piece of Saint James’s bone is said to be placed in a gold cask andwas kept in a kurishupally.

Saint James was canonized Pre-Congregation. He is celebrated in theRoman Catholic Church, Syrian Orthodox Church, Eastern Orthodox Church,Eastern Catholic Church, and Oriental Orthodoxy.

He is celebrated on the 27th of November.

5 Interesting Facts About St. James Intercisus

  1. Did you know that Saint James Intercisus is the patron saint of
    victims of torture?
  2. Did you know that Saint James Intercisus was cut into 28 pieces?
  3. Did you know that even in death, while in pain, Saint James
    intercisus refused to renounce his faith for the second time?
  4. Did you know that Saint James Intercisus shares a similar story with
    James of Beit and James of Karka?
  5. Did you know that the ruins of Beth Lapat where Saint James
    Intercisus was killed in near Dezful, Iran?

Prayer to St. James Intercisus

O God, who was pleased to give light to your Church by adorning blessedJames the Intercisus with the victory of martyrdom, graciously grantthat, as he imitated the Lord’s Passion, so we may, by following in hisfootsteps, be worthy to attain eternal joys. Through our Lord JesusChrist, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the HolySpirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.