March 22

St. Lea

St. Lea

Early Life

St. Lea was born in Rome, Italy. All that is known of the female saintwas gathered from her very close friend, Saint Jerome, a scholarly monk.St. Lea lived almost a low-key life, and only a few sets of informationcan be gathered about her. After her short-lived marriage ended with thedeath of her husband, St. Lea put down all of the wealth and riches inher possession to pursue the work of the Lord. It was unusual: a wealthywidow preferring to live a simpler, less wealthy life. She got into theconvent of consecrated virgins the city had, where, many years to come,she would be honoured as the convent’s prioress. Her name is believed tohave been a derivation of the Hebrew female name Leah which means“weary,” or the Akkadian name, which means “ruler,” or still theChaldean, which means “mistress”.

Call to Dedication and Devotion

After she had joined the convent upon the death of her husband, St. Leainvested in supporting the convent house, which was run by SaintMarcella, who would later grow, as many other persons would, to be fondof her. She was dedicated to serving as a menial servant until yearslater when she became a group’s superior. Regardless of how much wealthshe had owned, she was still well known to be humble, obedient, and ofremarkable penance. In a note to St. Marcella, St. Jerome exhaustivelyspeaks of St. Lea’s virtue when she’d died in the year 384. There, he’dnoted that St. Lea was blessed and that following her remarkable work onearth while she was still alive, heaven was the sure end for her. St.Jerome did not fail to mention how much of a servant to all St. Lea was,selfless to the core, to see someone else has something they needed.Given the fact that she was so wealthy she could get a very high classedlife, St. Jerome mentioned, she preferred to be dressed in rags,preferred to go hungry, cared less how old her hair was becoming, caredless if she had even had something to eat for herself because someonearound her needed more care than her.

Morals to be learned from the life of St. Lea include that irrespectiveof how much wealth one is, there should be, in their heart, a place forhumility, selflessness, and submission to authority. In addition tothat, as St. Jerome mentioned at the closure of his letter to St.Marcella, Christians shouldn’t be seeking Christ and, at the same timeseeking the pleasures of the world.


Known legacies of St. Lea, at the moment, are those of whose lives she’dblessed during her existence. Her devotion and dedication to God’ssanctuary and people are also legacies left by this female saint. Byliving an honest, straightforward, humble life, St. Lea has thought andcontinues to teach people how not to value the place of material wealthover Christ’s purpose for the life.

A plus to these is the honour she’s received from the convent of herresidence, where she was named the convent’s prioress.


St. Lea breathes her last breath in the year 383.

Feast Day

Every March 22nd, St. Lea’s feast day is celebrated.

2 Interesting Facts About St. Lea

  1. St. Lea was a wealthy widow who gave up all of her riches and wealth
    to pursue Christ.
  2. Did you know that St. Lea, regardless of how much wealth she had
    owned, was still well known to be humble, obedient, and of
    remarkable penance?

Prayer to St. Lea

Lord, amid the things of this world, let us wholeheartedlybe committed to heavenly things in imitation of the example ofevangelical perfection You have given us in St. Lea. Amen.