November 16

St. Margaret of Scotland

Saint Margaret of Scotland

Early Life

Saint Margaret of Scotland was also known as Margaret of Wessex. She wasborn around 1045 in the Kingdom of Hungary.

Saint Margaret was born to an English Prince named Edward the Exile anda woman named Agatha. She was the granddaughter of the King of England,Edmund Ironside.

As a child, Saint Margaret’s father and her uncles grew up in theSwedish palace of King Olof Skötkoung. A few years later, he traveled toKievand then to Hungary.

He had been a part of those who supported King Andrew I and he mighthave met Agatha there.

Saint Margaret and her siblings, Edgar the Ætheling and Cristina, spenttheir early life in Hungary. Seeing that their parents were devoutChristians, that we’re raised to be faithful to God and the Church.

Dedication and Devotion

Saint Magaret was raised in the Hungarian court for a while. Still, at ayoung age, she traveled to England with her family. Her father had beennominated to take up the throne of his late brother King Edward theConfessor.

Immediately they arrived in England, Saint Margaret’s father passedaway. It is unknown if he fell sick or was ambushed.

From then on Saint Margaret and her siblings lived in the English Court.After some years, her brother Edgar the Ætheling was appointed as theking of England.

He ruled for some time until the Normans took over London.

Agatha was said to have taken her children to return to Northumbria.Their plan didn’t pan out because a storm drove their vessel toScotland instead. Where they landed is said to be known today as St.Margaret’s Hope.

They were taken in by King Malcolm III. King Malcolm at that time was awidower with two sons whose names were Donald and Duncan.

Some accounts claim that Saint Magaret and her family may not have metuntil later years.


King Malcolm fell in love with Saint Margaret and they got married in1070 in the Royal Castle. Saint Margaret encouraged her husband tobecome dedicated to God and the Church.

Together, they had six sons and two daughters.

Saint Margaret was said to have been the secret to King Malcolm’s reign.She advised him on major decisions and helped to calm his temper.

Saint Margaret encouraged her husband to pray, fast, and be moregenerous to the people of the kingdom. Due to her influence, the Kingsplit his possessions with the poor people of the kingdom.

Saint Margaret’s generosity extended past the poor. She strives toprovide better education for the Children of the kingdom. Sheestablished institutions of education and arts.

Saint Margaret worked actively to reform the Church’s religiouspractices. She was said to have been inspired by a man named Lanfranc.

She worked hard to unite the practices of the Scottish and ContinentalChurches. She was strong-willed, passionate, and dedicated to her faith.

Saint Margaret seas are also active in the matter of the states. She wassaid to have established ferries at Queensferry and North Berwick. Shedid this to smoothen the journey of pilgrims that passed through thekingdom.

She adopted the use of caves on the bank of Dunfermline for the purposeof prayer and Christian worship. She was also instrumental in thereformation of the Scotland Iona Abbey.

Death and Canonization

King Malcolm and Edward, Saint Margaret’s eldest son, died in a waragainst the English in 1903. She was informed of their deaths by Edgar,another of their son.

This caused Saint Margaret so much sadness. She could not take it anylonger and three days after the death of her husband and son, she passedaway.

Saint Margaret was buried at the altar of the Dunfermline Abbey. She wascanonized in 1250 by Pope Innocent IV.

She is celebrated on the 16th of November.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Margaret of Scotland

  1. Did you know that Saint Margaret was said to have read the Bible to
    King Malcolm III?
  2. Did you know that Saint Margaret made sure that the poor ate before
    she did? She was also said to have imitated Jesus Christ and was
    seen washing their feet.
  3. Did you know that Saint Margaret assisted the Benedictine Order in
    building a monastery in Dunfermline, Fife?
  4. Did you know that Saint Margaret said the liturgy every day at
  5. Did you know that Saint Margaret wrote some books? King Malcolm
    loves the books so much that he had them ornate with gold and

Prayer to St. Margaret of Scotland

Merciful God,you gave the holy Queen Margaret of Scotlandgreat love for the poor.Lend your ear to theintercessions of this holy womanand help usto live after her exampleso that your goodness and mercybecomes visible in today’s world.Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with youin the unity of the Holy Spirit,one God, forever and ever. Amen.