March 14

St. Matilda

Saint Matilda

Early Life

Saint Matilda of Ringelheim was born into royalty and married intoroyalty.

Matilda, also called Mathilde, was born circa 892 in Enger, the Saxonyprovince of East Francia. Her father was Dietrich, a Saxon Count, andher mother was Reinhild who was also of royal descent.

She was trained by her grandmother who was Abbess of Convent. Not onlywas she given basic training in sewing, but she was also raised to prayand fast. She was a beautiful girl who took special care in giving tothe needy.

In 909, Saint Matilda got married to Duke Henry of Saxony who wouldlater on become King of East-Franconian. In 912, Henry’s father passedaway and he assumed authority.

In 919, ten years after they got married, he was the successor to theGerman throne after King Conrad I.

The marriage was a very happy one and Matilda gave birth to fivechildren: 3 sons and 2 daughters.

Dedication and Devotion

While Saint Matilda was Queen, her husband bestowed her with riches.From these riches, she gave to the needy and built monasteries all overthe city.

She was pious, religious, and humble that it was recorded that herhusband always resorted to her for advice. In 936, her husband Henrypassed away and was interred in Quedlinburg, where Matilda would laterbuild a monastery.

Matilda went on to reside in the monastery for some time, assuming therole of the very first abbess. She continued to oversee the business ofher family and the throne.

She continued to establish convents with the possessions that herhusband had left for her. She split her riches and distributed them tothe poor. This further annoyed her sons Otto and Henry who never saw eyeto eye.

Trouble began to brew when it was toms for her son Otto to assume therole of King. She was convinced that the role was better suited for theyounger Henry. When she tried to convince Otto to relinquish the throneto his younger brother, he became enraged.

Henry rioted against his brother Otto. This bitterness caused SaintMatilda to escape to her home in the country.

Otto’s wife, Eadgyth, went in search of Saint Matilda and urged her tocome back with her. Matilda agreed and surrendered her possession toOtto, thereby forgiving him.

Matilda’s son Henry was ruthless and continued to riot against Otto.Matilda warned him about his behavior and when he didn’t listen, sheprophesied his death.

After Henry died, Matilda was said to have built 3 more convents. Herhealth began to deteriorate. She was left in charge of the throne afterOtto was crowned Roman Emperor in 962.

Death and Canonization

Saint Matilda was said to have spent some time in her last years in herconvent at Nordhausen.

She died at the age of 76 on the 14th of March in 968 after battlingsickness for a while. She does in her convent in Quedlinburg where shewas buried next to her husband.

Matilda devoted her life to setting up monasteries where young onescould learn all about the religion. Matilda passed on the authority ofthe convents to her granddaughter in 966. Her name was also Matilda andshe was the daughter of Otto and Adelheid of Burgundy.

Saint Matilda was canonized Pre-Congregation. She is celebrated on the14th of March, the day of her death.

5 Interesting Facts About Saint Matilda

  1. Did you know that Saint Matilda is the patron saint for
    Disappointing children, the falsely accused, Queens, and second
  2. Did you know that Saint Matilda was King Henry’s second wife after
    his first marriage failed?
  3. Did you know that Saint Matilda’s son Otto probably started the Holy
    Roman Empire?
  4. Did you know that the Nordhausen convent was the last to be built by
    Saint Matilda?
  5. Did you know that when her husband died, Saint Matilda asked for
    Mass for his soul, removed her Jewelry, and pledged poverty?

Prayer to Saint Matilda

O GOD, by whose grace the blessed Matilda enkindled with the fire of thylove, became a burning and a shining light in thy Church:Grant that we may be inflamed with the same spirit of discipline andlove, and ever walk before thee as children of light; through JesusChrist our Lord.Amen.