July 27

St. Pantaleon

St. Pantaleon

Once in 275 Izmit, Nicodemia, near black sea, now modern Turkey, bore agifted physician with the ultimate power of healing, penitentiary, andlater on a martyr.

To talk about his patrilineal lineage, his father was Eustorgius andsources call him a non-devotee till lateral in the life of Pantaleon,but his mother, Eubula, was a fervent Christian.

Sadly, Eubula died while Pantaleon was a juvenile. While she had exposedhim to Christianity, Pantaleon did not exercise his faith.

Journey Towards Faith

His father, Eustorgus, recommended him to study under a famouspractitioner and physician, and ultimately he was appointed by EmperorMaximian as his royal physician.

Regarded in the West in the list of the late-medieval Fourteen HolyHelpers and the East as one of the Holy Unmercenary Healers, was amartyr of Nicomedia in Bithynia when the Diocletianic Persecution of 305AD.

While practicing in court, he met a Christian named Hermolaus, who laterbecame his loyal advisor and a close friend. Hermolaus expounded to himthat though the famous physicians of earlier generations knew how toheal bodies, Jesus Christ was a far magnificent physician, apt to healnot only bodies but souls by His divine doctrine.

On the way to his work, Pantaleon suddenly accomplished extraordinaryhealing, recovering a child from absolute death following a bite from aviper. Calling for no additional testimony of the power of the Lord, hewas baptized and started an uncompromising path of study of his newfaith. He finally treated a blind man. Hearing about his miraculoushealing, his father also converted to Christianity.

Freeing of Slaves

When his father perished, Saint Pantaleon freed all his slaves on theinherited estate, traded a big part of his belongings, and spent themoney to free slaves and the poor.

He treated different sicknesses and quickly became renowned inNicodemia, growing popular among rivalling physicians who reported himto the Emperor.

His opposers asked the Pantaleon to give up to the pagan Roman gods, buthe declined. They then sentenced him to torture and to be killed. Later,beheaded Saint Pantaleon in 303

His body was blessed with myrrh and buried in the outskirts of the city.Devotees later translated his remains to Constantinople, where they areesteemed today. It is claimed that his blood, conserved in a small vial,liquefies on his feast day, becoming oxygenated. Charlemagne againtranslated some of his relics, including his head to France, andremained in the nunnery of Saint Denys near Paris and Lyons.


Saint Pantaleon, the noble’s name meant ‘all-compassionate one’. He isthe patron saint of physicians, apothecaries, midwives, livestock,lottery, lottery winners and victories, lottery tickets; invoked againstheadaches, consumption, locusts, witchcraft, accidents and loneliness;and helper for crying children.


His status is Pre-Congregation. The term is used for saints that werecanonized long time ago. The process either took place before theestablishment of an organization that could keep a record of the exacttime of the process.

Sometimes it indicates that beati were canonized by local communitybishops, primates, or patriarchs, of the saint, usually due to prevalentdevotion.

To simplify, it indicates that the dates for beatification and/orcanonization are not publicly known due to the absence of a dignifiedrecording system. If there were records, they are not known commonly.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Pantaleon

  1. In Italy, Pantaleon proffers promising lottery numbers, victories,
    and winners in dreams.
  2. Even though there is proof to propose that a martyr named
    Pantaleon prevailed, some believe the legends of his life and
    death to be merely a fable.
  3. Armenians maintain that the Amaras Monastery in Nagorno Karabakh
    encloses monuments of St. Pantaleon, which were esteemed in the
    eastern provinces of Armenia.
  4. St. Pantaleon is the signature of the character Pantalaimon in
    Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials sequence of novels.
  5. Russian company renamed the Russian battleship Potemkin to
    Panteleimon after her recovery after the mutiny of 1905.

Prayer to St. Pantaleon

ST. PANTALEON, who during life didst have great pity for the sick andwith the help of God didst often relieve and cure them; I invoke thyintercession with God, that I may obtain the grace to serve Him in goodhealth by cheerfully fulfilling the duties of my state of life. But ifit be His holy will to visit me with illness, pain, and suffering, dothou aid me with thy powerful prayer to submit humbly to Hischastisements, to accept sickness in the spirit of penance and to bearit patiently according to His holy will.Amen.