January 25

St. Peter Thomas

Saint Peter Thomas

Early Life

Saint Peter Thomas is a highly respected saint in the Roman CatholicChurch. This Carmelite Priest and Papal legate however has limitedbiography information available.

Little is known about what Saint Peter Thomas did all his life.

Saint Peter Thomas was born approximately in the year 1305 in SouthernPerigord, France. Often called Pierre Tomas in some books of literature,Peter Thomas was born to an extremely poor family.

Some parts of history recognized his father as a laborer who worked fora rich lord in the town. All parts of history however make it known thatthe family was so poor that they had very little to get by on.

After the death of his brother, Saint Peter Thomas decided to ventureout of town in search of greener pastures. He left his home to lessenthe burden of his family and instead went to the small town ofMonpazier.

In Monpazier, he saw himself through school. He sustained himself bybegging for alms and tutoring younger students.

After 3 years of living in Monpazier, he moved on to Argen. Details ofwhat he did during his stay are nonexistent. What is known is that helived on alms and teaching just like he did in Monpazier.

He continued like this until the age of 20 when he moved back toMonpazier.

Dedication and Devotion

  1. He went on to make his religious vows at Bergerac where he ended up
    teaching for 2 years.


Saint Peter Thomas spent most of his life serving the Church.

He was appointed Prosecutor General of the Order and an officialminister at the Papal Court of Pope Clement VI, Avignon. There, hisdevout righteousness and dedication to religion drew attention andrespect.

For some time, he held the position of Papal legate to Milan, Genoa, andVenice. By 1354, he was appointed Bishop of Patti and Lipari.

It is said that he served as Bishop of Coron for some time in 1359before he was elected Archbishop of Crete in 1363. Circa 1364, he wasmade Latin Patriarch of Constantinople.

Saint Peter Thomas joined a fight against the Turks.

In 1365, he joined a military operation fighting Alexandria, Egypt, inwhich he became seriously injured.

Death and Canonization

Saint Peter Thomas succumbed to his injuries and died in 1366 atFamagusta, Cyprus.

It is recorded that before he died, he gave all his properties tocharity.

In 1608, He was beatified by Pope Paul V, and then canonized in 1628 byPope Urban VIII.

He is celebrated every year on the 6th of January.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Peter Thomas

  1. Did you know that Saint Peter Thomas’ primary aim was to stimulate
    peace and harmony with the Eastern Churches?
  2. Did you know that Peter is derived from the Greek word ‘Petros’
    meaning stone, and Thomas from an Aramaic word ‘Ta’oma’ meaning
  3. Did you know that in his time, Saint Peter Thomas was respected in
    both Catholic and Orthodox Churches?
  4. Did you know that many people consider Saint Peter Thomas the
    forerunner of ecumenism?
  5. Did you know that some historical writers think Saint Peter died at
    2 a.m?

Prayer to St. Peter Thomas

Father,you inspired in your bishop St. Peter Thomasan intense desire to promote peace and Christian unity.Following his examplemay we live steadfast in faithand work perseveringly for peace.We ask this through Christ, Our Lord.Amen.