September 9

St. Severian

St. Severian

Saint Severian was a Senator of Sebaste during the reign of Emperor Licinius (307–324). He was a very wealthy man who feared God and dedicated his life to preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Inspiration to Serve Christ

After witnessing the killing of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, Severian was inspired to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He was a devout Christian. As an Imperial counselor, he was respected for his love for Christ and virtue.


He dedicated his life to preaching the Word of God. His teachings converted many pagan people to Christianity. Imprisoned Christians were helped by Severian, who used his wealth to protect them.


The new Provincial Governor, Lysias, ordered the soldiers to arrest Severian for preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, Severian voluntarily submitted himself for interrogation.

Lysias was amazed by the courage and endurance displayed by Severian in the face of persecution. He was subjected to extreme torture, and this did not deter him from holding onto his faith. When he was being dragged to prison, he kept on preaching to the crowd that was following him. He preached the gospel of love and faithfulness to Jesus Christ.

During the torture, he was hung, and his flesh was torn into shreds by iron claws to such an extent that Lysias felt sorry for him. He ordered the torture to stop and sent him to prison.

Prison Fellowship

Severin saw his incarceration as an opportunity to preach the Word of God to the prisoners. He preached the message of hope to prisoners and taught them about Jesus Christ. Many prisoners converted to Christianity.

Upon hearing that Severian was preaching to prisoners, Lysias ordered the prison guards to put a rock in his mouth in a bid to silence him from preaching. This did not deter him from expressing his faith in Christ.


Lysias realized that no amount of torture could stop Severian’s faith in Jesus Christ. He then ordered the brutal killing of Severian by tying big stones around his neck and feet. They hung him on top of a wall by his belt. In the middle of suffering, he kept on preaching to the crowd to repent, and he told them that Jesus Christ was Lord.

People were amazed by the faith displayed by Severian. He was willing to lose his life for Jesus Christ. In the end, he gladly gave up his spirit to God in September, between 452 and 453 AD.

Resurrection Power

When Severian’s servant died, his wife was left with no one to comfort her. As she was preparing to go to the funeral of Severian, she spoke to the body of her dead husband, commanding him to wake up so that they could attend Severian’s burial.

Miraculously, the man was resurrected to life. He hurried with his wife to assist at the Martyr’s funeral. People were amazed by this miracle. The resurrected man went on to live for 15 more years.

Burial Site

Mourning Christians did not know where to bury the Martyr’s body. All they did was place a crown of flowers on the body and wait for a message from heaven.

An eagle appeared from the sky and took the crown. It flew and dropped the crown in a nearby forest. The eagle disappeared. The Martyr was then buried at the site where the eagle dropped the crown of flowers.

Tomb of Miracles

Many miracles were performed at the tomb of Saint Severian. The risen servant became the caretaker of that tomb until the end of his life.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Severian

  1. According to St. Nikodemus, the mysterious eagle returned many years later.
    Later, after the burial of St. Severian, to show Christians the forgotten
    location of the Saint’s burial site
  2. The tomb of St. Severian became a source of miracles.
  3. September 9 is the Feast Day for Christians celebrating the
    Martyrdom of St. Severian
  4. St. Severian’s devotion to Christianity was motivated by witnessing
    the brutal killing of the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste, whose crime was preaching
    the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Prayer to St. Severian

Father, enable our minds to rise to your ineffable dwelling place. Let us find the light and direct the eyes of our soul to You. Dispel the mists and the opaqueness of the earthly mass,and shine out with Your splendor. You are the serene and tranquil abode of those who persevere in their goal of seeing You. You are at the same time the beginning,the vehicle, the guide,the way, and the goal. Amen.