June 10

St. Timothy

Saint Timothy

Early Life

Saint Timothy, who is also called Saint Timothy of Ephesus, was bornCirca 17 A.D Lycaonian city of Lystra. His father was a Greek layman,and his mother was a Jew who had become a Christian convert.

Saint Timothy was one of the members of the early Christian mission. Hewas a devout Christian from a very young age. He was meek, reserved,religious, and devoted to Christianity.

Saint Timothy’s first real and documented encounter with evangelismprobably started when he met Apostle Paul. Paul and Silas at that timewere embarking on their second sojourn of evangelism to Lycaonia.

At that time, Saint Timothy was a revered participant in the Church.Apostle Paul grew to admire Saint Timothy’s love for God, piety, andearnestness that he invited to join them on their quest to win souls forChrist.

Without further consideration, Saint Timothy bid his family goodbye andagreed to join Apostles Paul and Silas on their mission work. Thanks tohis Greek ancestry, Timothy at that time was uncircumcised.

Out of respect for the Jews in whose territory they would be doing mostof the work, Apostle Paul had Saint Timothy get a circumcision.

Dedication and Devotion

Saint Timothy abandoned clothes, money, the safety of his home, andother vain items, choosing to follow the Apostles instead.

Saint Timothy became Barnabas’ successor by becoming Apostle Paul’sfollower and friend. Together, they went from city to city trying toconvert people to Christianity.

Around 52 A.D, Saint Timothy accompanied Paul and Silas to Macedonia,where they did missionary work. Saint Timothy was said to have been offragile health, falling sick many times on the road during evangelism.

This, however, did not deter him from following the Apostles every stepof the way. Apostle Paul in turn, often encouraged him to drink wine forthe sustenance of his stomach.

The journey of Saint Timothy and Apostles Paul and Silas were recordedin some parts of the Bible, such as the acts of the Apostles.

For some time, Paul had to leave for Athens, Greece. Saint Timothy andApostle Silas were left behind for a while before meeting up withApostle Paul in Corinth.

The trio continued to preach the word. They had taken an intense likingof each other, one more of brotherhood than religious respect, and werealmost inseparable.

Although almost always with Apostle Paul, Saint Timothy’s appearances inthe Bible were few. Saint Timothy spent the rest of his life spreadingthe gospel alongside Apostle Paul until he became Bishop at Ephesus,with the church under his authority.

Saint Timothy was a co-writer of the books of the second book ofCorinthians, Philippians, Colossians, both books of Thessalonians, andPhilemon.

Apostle Paul spoke about Saint Timothy in high esteem. Even while Paulwas imprisoned and expecting persecution, he invited Saint Timothy tobid goodbye.

Timothy was said to have run into trouble one time due to his faith andwas imprisoned for it. This occurred during the time that the NewTestament was being written.

Death and Veneration

While the information about Saint Timothy’s death was not recorded inthe Bible, tradition has it that he died in 97 A.D. He died in Ephesus,Turkey.

The story says the old Bishop attempted to interrupt a parade that wasbeing held in praise of Artemis, a goddess. He tried to do this byevangelizing. This angered the mob, and they stoned him to death or beathim with clubs in other accounts.

This caused him to be regarded as a Martyr for Christ.

Sometime in the middle of the fourth century, Saint Timothy’s body wastaken from Ephesus down to Constantinople. His relics were stationednext to Andrew and Luke’s tombs in the Church of the Holy Apostles.

The relics were transferred to Italy and entombed in the TermoliCathedral in the 13th Century.

Saint Timothy is celebrated by various churches at different times. Heis celebrated on the 22nd of January by Eastern Churches, 26th ofJanuary by the Roman Catholic Church, and the 24th of January by theLutheran Church.

Saint Timothy was canonized Pre-Congregation.

5 Interesting Facts About Saint Timothy

  1. Did you know that Saint Timothy is the patron saint against stomachdisorders?
  2. Did you know that Saint Timothy was considered the first Bishop of
  3. Did you know that Apostle Paul sent two letters to Saint Timothy?
    One letter was written from Macedonia Circa 65 A.D, and the second
    was written while he was waiting to be prosecuted.
  4. Did you know that Saint Timothy’s mother and maternal grandmother
    were distinguished people of the Church? Their names were Eunice
    and Louis.
  5. Did you know that Saint Timothy’s remains were discovered in 1945?

Prayer to Saint Timothy

Dear Saint Timothy, well known for your gentleness, you were a mostfaithful disciple of St. Paul and like him, traveled much to bring theGood News to all people.The Letters Paul wrote to you reveal your zeal and inspire us withconfidence in you. You, too were cast into prison, and you too gave yourlife for Christ. So with confidence, we dare to ask: please obtainrelief for if it be God’s will. Amen.