October 31

St. Wolfgang

Saint Wolfgang

Early Life

Saint Wolfgang of Regensburg was born around 934 A.D. He was said tohave come from a family of historic Southwestern Germany. He was nobleas his family was said to be from a line of Swabian Counts.

He was home-schooled by clergy until the age of 7. He then decided hewanted to wander down the path of spirituality. He chose to attend apopular monastic institution at Reichenau Abbey.

At the monastery, he became friends with Henry of Babenberg whosebrother was Bishop Poppo. After their friendship kicked off, SaintWolfgang followed Henry to Würzburg.

At Würzburg, Henry and Wolfgang attended a cathedral educationalinstitution where they were tutored by a great man called Stephen ofNovara.

They went their separate ways for a while. Years later, around 956,Henry was appointed Archbishop of Trier. He then invited Wolfgang tolecture at the Cathedral school of Trier.

While acting as a tutor, Saint Wolfgang continued to work to improve thearchdiocese. While in Trier, Saint Wolfgang joined the Saint Maximin’sAbbey. There he met with Saint Romuald.

While in the monastery, Saint Wolfgang was deeply influenced by thegreat men he met. He began to exhibit interest in the ascetic lifestyle.

After his friend, Archbishop Henry passed away circa 964, Saint Wolfgangjoined the Benedictine order in Switzerland. There in the Abbey of MariaEinsiedeln in 968, he was appointed priest by Saint Ulrich.

Dedication and Devotion

During that time, war broke out between the Hungarians and Lechfeld. TheHungarians lost and decided to live in Pannonia.

However, the Hungarians, who were pagans, decided not to convert toChristianity.

Worried that they might make trouble for his people, Emperor Otto theGreat and Saint Ulrich was sent to minister to the Hungarians.

Wolfgang succeeded Michael of Regensburg as the Bishop around late 972.Saint Wolfgang ruled the diocese with peace and education.

Even as a bishop, Saint Wolfgang was said to have taught Emperor SaintHenry II. Some traditions have it that Wolfgang taught Henry everythinghe needed to know about his spiritual life.

Wolfgang was a man of discipline. He was said to have established moreAbbotts for Saint Emeram’s Abbey. He was also said to have renovatedabbey’s in Obermünster and Niedermünster.


Saint Wolfgang was also instrumental in the renovation of the oldBenedictine abbey at Niederalttaich. He breathed a new life into theancient monastery, causing it to once more be recognized for its beauty.

Sao t Wolfgang was also very generous. When the Diocese of Prague wasestablished in 975, it lacked members. This caused Emperor Otto II toplead with Wolfgang to cut his diocese to about half the size.

Wolfgang agreed and split his members with Saint Adalbert of Prague. Hewas so respected that he was always invited to political gatherings.

At old age, Wolfgang went into seclusion in Upper Austria. Some peopleclaim that this was due to a political problem. Others seem to think hesimply got lost.

Regardless of what happened, Saint Wolfgang was said to have been foundby a hunter. He was then broke back to the city.

Death and Canonization

Saint Wolfgang fell sick while traveling from the Danube to Pöchlarn.Knowing that his end was near, he asked to be carried to Saint Othmarchapel in Pupping.

Saint Wolfgang died on the 31st of October, 994 A.D. He was buried inSaint Emmeram’s Abbey in Germany. Even in death, he was said to havebeen a bearer of miracles.

Saint Wolfgang was canonized by Pope Leo IX on the 8th of October, 1051.He is celebrated by eye Roman Catholic Church on the 31st of October.

5 Interesting Facts About Saint Wolfgang

  1. Did you know that Saint Wolfgang is the patron saint of apoplexy,
    paralysis, stroke, and carpenters?
  2. Did you know that where Saing Wolfgang went into solitude is now
    known as Wolfgangsee or Wolfgang Lake?
  3. Did you know that Saint Wolfgang’s body was taken to Regensburg by
    Archbishop Hartwich of Salzburg and Count Aribo of Andechs?
  4. Did you know that a miniature portrait of Saint Wolfgang survived
    from 1100?
  5. Did you know that Saint Wolfgang is often thought to be a part of
    the FourteenHoly Helpers?

Prayer to Saint Wolfgang

Dear Lord,Give us the grace put on the armor of God,that we may be able to resist on an evil day and,having done everything, to hold our ground.Enable us to stand fastwith our loins girded in truth,clothed with righteousness as a breastplate,and our feet shod in readinessfor the Gospel of peace.In Jesus’ Mighty Name, we pray.Amen.