December 29

St. Aileran

Saint Ailerán

Life and Dedication

Saint Ailerán is also known as Ailerán Sapientis, Ailerán of Clonard, ofSapiens the Wise.

Nothing is known about Saint Ailerán’s early life. There is no data thatstates the place of birth or the date of birth of this Saint.

Saint Ailerán was a seventh-century man who was popular for being asuccessful and respected scholar at the school of Clonard in Ireland. Hewas a devoted Monk and biographer who not only read great books butwrote some as well.

Saint Ailerán was not originally from Clonard. He was attracted to thecity due to the great things he had heard about Saint Finian.

He was so liked in Clonard that he was made Rector in 650.


Saint Ailerán was well-versed in Greek and Latin. He also possessedextensive knowledge of the writings of great men like Origen, Philo,Saint Jerome, and Saint Augustine among others.

Due to this, he was very knowledgeable in the history of Christiantheologians and patristics.

Many great works have been attributed to Saint Ailerán and many of theseworks have survived till today. Some of these jobs include the Fourthlife of Saint Patrick, a Latin litany, and a mystical interpretation ofthe Ancestry of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Many of his manuscripts are considered very important today. Some of hisworks were edited and printed in Benedictine editions. Although SaintAilerán was not a part of the Benedictine order, his works wereconsidered so incredible and deserved to be seen.

Saint Ailerán also wrote biographies of several great people like SaintBrigid, Saint Fechin, and Saint Patrick.

Death and Canonization

Saint Ailerán died on the 29th of December in 664. He died of thedisease that was called the Yellow Plague. His death is recorded in theAnnals of Ulster.

Saint Ailerán was canonized Pre-congregation. He is commemorated on the29th of December, the day of his death.