January 2

St. Argeus

Saint Argeus

Detailed information about Saint Argeus is unavailable. Saint Argeus isdefined by church traditions with little or no proof of originality

Saint Argeus was said to have been a Christian Martyr. Tradition nevertells his story alone. It always chooses to involve his brothersNarcissus and Marcellinus.

There are no records of what Argeus did in his early life. There is alsono known record of when he was born or who his parents were.

Traditions we’re used to easily tell stories of who this man is. Mosttimes, these traditions vary so entirely that it is impossible to tellwhich story is real.

One tradition states that Saint Argeus hadn’t chosen to join the army.He and his brothers Narcissus and Marcellinus were enlisted in the armyin the time of Licinius.

Refusing to serve Licinius in the army due to their faith, they werearrested and taken to a hearing. Found guilty, they were then subjectedto death.

A different tradition claims that Saint Argeus and his brothers wereSoldiers under Emperor Licinius. Licinius had made a rule for all hismen to carry sacrifices to the pagan gods he served.

Being devout Christians, Saint Argeus and his brothers refused. Thisannoyed Emperor Licinius so much that he commanded that all three men beput to death.

Saint Argeus was beheaded in 320 A.D. He was killed at Tomi, ExiniusPontus, Moesia.

He is said to be commemorated by the Catholic church on the 2nd ofJanuary.