November 8

St. Castorius

Saint Castorius

Life and Dedication

Saint Castorius is also sometimes called Castorius.

Little is known about this early Christian Martyr. The only documentsabout him often refer to him in association with the four other youngChristian men who had been persecuted with him.

There are no details about when Saint Castorius was born. The name ofhis parents are unknown and the question of if he had any siblingsremains a mystery.

No one quite knows for sure when and where Saint Castorius had receivedearly education. His actions over the years cannot be traced back tocertain points in time.

Saint Castorius was said to have been a stone carver or stone mansion.He was extremely skilled at his work and made the best stone pieces atthat time.

He was also a devoted Chrustian, Saint Castorius spent his time readingthe scriptures, praying, and fasting.

It was in that period the Christians were persecuted for their faith.While many others quickly denounced their faith, Saint Castorius stoodby his own faith.

Saint Castorius might have lived in the imperial quarries at what is nowknown as Sremska Mitrovica in Sebia.

He was part of the men that are now known as the “Four Crowned Martyrs”.

Saint Castorius had been summoned to Sirmumium by Emperor Diocletian. Hewas commissioned to carve several sculptures.

He carried out the request to perfection and this pleased the Emperor.The Emperor decided he wanted one more sculpture in the image of thepagan god called Aesculapius.

Seeing that this was against his faith, Saint Castorius refused to carvethe sculpture. It is said that the Emperor who had taken a liking toCastorius had respected his faith.

The Emperor was however angered when Saint Castorius had refused to bowand offer sacrifices to the gods. Saint Castorius and three other mennamed Claudius, Nicostratus, and Symphorian were imprisoned for thisreason.

While they were imprisoned, one of the Emperor’s soldiers namedLampadius tried to convince the men to bow down to the gods in order tosave their lives. The men however refused the offer.

A few days later, Lampadius died. Enraged, his family went to EmperorDiocletian and claimed that Saint Castorius and the three other men hadkilled Lampadius.

Hearing this, Emperor Diocletian ordered that all four men be put alivein a lead coffin and then tossed into the river.

Death and Canonization

Saint Castorius died around 287 A.D. He died in Pannonia in Hungary.

Saint Castorius was buried on the Via Lavicana.

Saint Castorius was canonized Pre-Congregation. He is commemorated inthe Roman Catholic Church on the 8th of November.

5 Interesting Facts About Saint Castorius

  1. Did you know that Saint Castorius is the patron saint against fever
    and of sculptors, mason’s, and cattle?
  2. Did you know that in some traditions the “Four Crowned Martyrs” was
    said to be made up of five men?
  3. Did you know that Saint Castorius endured long hours of being
    tortured for refusing to denounce his faith?
  4. Did you know that many historians consider a man named Simplicius to
    have been a part of the “Four Crowned Martyrs”?
  5. Did you know that there’s a similar story about four different men
    who refused to sacrifice to the pagan god Aesculapius? This might
    have caused a bit of misinformation of the story of the four men.

Prayer to Saint Castorius

Holy Lord, Saint Castorius was a carver who was commissioned by theemperor to make several statues. He pleased the ruler with his artistry,but when he was asked to carve the statue of a local god, he refusedbecause he did not want his skills to contribute to pagan worship.I ask him to pray for my talents, that I grow in my skills and have moreopportunities to use them for Your glory.Convict me, O God, of the importance of reserving my gifts for holypurposes, for helping others, and for pursuing my vocation. Teach me totake no credit for my talents and to offer all praises to You. SaintCastorius, pray for me. Amen.