November 10

St. Leo the Great

St. Leo the Great

Pope Leo, popularly known by historians as St Leo the great was arenowned catholic bishop of Rome who prophesied and lived the life ofesteemed biblical doctrine.

He was made bishop on September 29, 440 and he held this position tillhis death on November 10, 461.

Early Life of St. Leo the Great

Pope Saint Leo was born into a Roman aristocratic family. He was born inTuscany in 400 AD. His acknowledgement of the call from God upon hislife made him one of the most remarkable Pope in Christian history.

His reign fought tirelessly to conserve unity and holiness in churches.His goal was geared towards preserving the Christian faith and the tenetof the scripture.

His Call and Passion

St Leo began his Christian race as a deacon in the church in 431. Heserved the church under the pontificate of Pope Celestine.

His love for God, astute mind and persuasive nature made him a legendeven before death. St Leo was believed to have been gifted with theability to initiate reconciliation between disputing Christian groups.

For this reason, St Leo was on a live mission of settling disputes bothsecular and theological.

His Mission and Dedication

Saint Leo the Great was known for his dedication to his teaching of theLord’s doctrine. His sermons and letters were his instruments ofreaching out to mankind and impacting change. He made it his lifepurpose to ensure the safety of his people against the invasion fromarmies who sought to destroy Christians and the Church.

His Courage and Works

Pope Leo the Great worked towards opposing and rooting out multipleheresies which were a threat to the western church. He was a greatdefender of the orthodox teaching of the Catholic Christian communityand protected the full deposit of faith.

A medal to his courage, pope Leo the great led Rome’s defence againstAttila the Hun’s barbarian invasion of Italy in 452 by taking on therole of a peacemaker.

Pope Saint Leo I, focused mainly on the pastoral care of his people. Hewas immensely involved in charitable work in all areas of Rome.

His Life Achievements

Saint Leo exercised his religious authority in the council of Chalcedonin 451; this was about the theological issue about Christ’s divinity.He established a theological, legal and moral standard on matters thataffects the Pope and the church.

Saint Leo the Great accelerated a prevailing predispositionconsolidating church governance, local archbishop, and authority under aunified Roman body. He also went on to enact a strict papal principlethat directly oversees the affairs and discipline of bishops andsettling disputes.

His Death

Saint Leo saw himself as being privileged to work in the footsteps of StPeter the servant of the Lord. He died on November 10, 461. His dyingwish was to be laid beside the tomb of St. Peter.

Sadly, his wish was not fully carried out as he was put to rest at theentrance of St Peter’s basilica tomb. But, in 688 his remains weremoved inside fulfilling the Pope’s wish.

Even at the dimes of this Catholic legend, his lifestyle and teachingkeep impacting the lives of Christian all over the world. His work,mission, and achievements formed the bedrock of catholic doctrine todate.

Till today Saint Leo the Great is known for reaffirming the papal’sauthority in the church and his writings on Christ’s humility anddivinity. He is currently observed as the patron Saint of popes andconfessors.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Leo the Great

  1. His papacy was known as the best in Christian history with 96
    sermons and 432 letters of his reign which are still useful. His
    teaching is read during the Christmas season.
  2. He was the first pope to be called “Great”, he was also proclaimed
    “ Doctor of the church in 1754 by Pope Benedict XIV because of
    his faithful belief.
  3. He was known for his treatment of the monk Eutyches of
    Constantinople, this was one of his famous charitable works.
  4. His reputation was known as “An instrument of the call to Holiness,
    well-versed in Scripture and ecclesiastical principles.
  5. His sermon was one of the greatest teachings in Christian history.
    His sermons were used as peacemaking letters to communities and
    countries in dispute.

Prayer to St. Leo the Great

God our Father,you will never allow the powers of hellto prevail against your Church,founded on the rock of the apostle Peter.Let the prayers of Pope Leo the Greatkeep us faithful to your truthand secure in your peace.Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,who lives and reigns with youin the unity of the Holy Spirit,one God, for ever and ever.Amen.