April 10

St. Michael de Sanctis

Saint Michael de Sanctis

Early Life

Saint Michael de Sanctis, also known as Michael of the Saints to many,might have lived a brief life but left a large impact on the Church.

He spent his life living in piety and holiness.

Saint Michael was born Michael Argemir. He was born on the 29th ofSeptember, 1591 in Vic, Spain. His parents Enrique Argemir and MonserratMargarita Mitjana played vital roles in his quest for spirituality.

From a very young age, Saint Michael was dedicated to Christianity. Hemade sure to pray, fast, and even vowed to remain a virgin.

When he was 6 years old, Saint Michael told his parents about hisinterest in becoming a monk. They saw how dedicated he was to religionand agreed to his wishes.

Saint Michael’s mother informed him about Saint Francis of Assisi.Michael was so impressed by the Saint’s piety that he tried to emulatehim.

Even at a young age, Saint Michael began to practice mortification. Heprayed for long hours, fasted for days at length, and was even said tohave restrained himself from eating meat.

Although his parents were impressed, they grew alarmed at hisextremities and restrained him.

Some years later but still at a young age, Saint Michael was orphaned.This caused him to be much closer to God than he had initially been.

Saint Michael was taken to serve as an apprentice to a trader after hisparents died.

Dedication and Devotion

Saint Michael de Sanctis excelled at work. He spent his free timepraying, meditating, preaching, and even helping the needy.

When he was twelve years old Circa 1603, he came to Barcelona on a questto become a part of the Trinitarians. After spending three years withthe Trinitarian Friars, he took his vows in Saint-Lambert Church atZaragoza around 1607.

It was with the Trinitarians that he assumed the name Michael deSanctis.

He enjoyed his practice until he met with a Discalced Trinitarian priestone day. Saint Michael was awed by their strict practices and sought tobecome a priest himself.

After receiving permission from his superior, Saint Michael joined theChurch of the Discalced Trinitarians. He said his vows at Alcalá, afterwhich he was made to undertake education of the Friars.

He was ordained a priest and was bestowed authority of the community.


Saint Michael de Sanctis was revered for his humility, love for thepeople, and dedication to the Church.

Not only does tradition state that Saint Michael could pray the sickback to health, but some also claim he often slid into trances. Duringthese trances, he was said to have been seen levitating on severalaccounts.

In one story set in Cordova, Saint Michael was reported to have beenseen being lifted in the air above the choir stand, over a field, andcame to rest in the church tower. He was also said to have levitated inSalamanca.

These reports of levitation were said to have been indices by ecstasiesduring prayer. Even before his death, he was called a Saint by many.

Saint Michael was twice appointed as Superior of the Monastery inValladolid. He took on leadership with a strict yet humble hand.

Death and Canonization

Saint Michael de Sanctis died on the 10th of April, 1625, at the youngage of 33. He passed away in the Valladolid monastery in the Kingdom ofSpain.

Many miracles are attributed to Saint Michael even in death.

He received beatification from Pope Pius VI on the 24th of May, 1779. Hewas canonized on the 8th of June, 1862 by Pope Pius IX.

Saint Michael de Sanctis is celebrated every year on the day of hisdeath by the Roman Catholic Church.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Michael de Sanctis

  1. Did you know that Saint Michael de Sanctis took his vow of chastity
    at the age of 8?
  2. Did you know that Saint Michael was partial to the Rosary and Virgin
  3. Did you know that Saint Michael is said to be one of the patron
    saints of cancer patients?
  4. Did you know that in his death, Saint Michael was said to have cured
    Frances Sanz of cancerous tumors?
  5. Did you know that the town of Saint-Michel-des-Saints in Canada is
    named after Saint Michael de Saints?

Prayer to St. Michael de Sanctis

O glorious Saint Michael,Seraph inflamed with the most ardent love of Jesus in the BlessedSacrament,who did spend your nights and days in His Real Presenceand did find there your dearest joys,so that you did swoon away for very love:vouchsafe, I pray to you, to obtain for me a lively faith,a firm hope and an ardent love toward this inestimable Treasure,this precious Pledge of glory everlasting;in order that I may be able to be a fervent worshiper of Jesusin the Blessed Sacrament,and thereby rejoice with youto behold Him face to face in an eternity of bliss.Amen.