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St. Raymond of Pennafort

St. Raymond of Pennafort

Early Life

Raymond of Pennafort was born around the mid-1170s in a small town called Vilafranca del Penedes to a noble bloodline of the Aragon royalties. He trained in Canon and Civil Law from the University of Bologna. He went on to become a teacher of canon law at age twenty in 1195 up until 1210, when he moved to Bologna, staying there for twelve years.

In Bologna, he was made head of the department of law in the university, serving the duty for three years. Coming to the knowledge of the Dominican Order here in the later years, Raymond developed so much interest in the course. His interest in the Dominican Order was spurred from listening to the Blessed Reginald’s preaching.

Upon reaching the age of sixty, he was retired and was reassigned the post of Archbishop of Tarragona, which he turned down, preferring to pursue other courses such as ensuring the wellbeing of the poor and needy.

Dedication and Devotion

Saint Raymond of Pennafort from a very tender age, was in love with and showed great devotion to the Blessed Mother. He was dedicated, among several other courses, to helping Christian captives in the Crusade era. He was also instrumental in the organization of the Church’s legal code, and as such, he was frequently met by people to explain some canonical concepts.

At the age of twenty, Raymond was made teacher of Philosophy in Barcelona, given that he appeared to exercise great intelligence in the gifting of philosophy. He showed great compassion to those who were suffering one problem or the other, and to the poor, too.

In the year 1222, Raymond became a part of the Dominican Order, spending almost his entire life there. In Barcelona, Raymond had helped form the Order of Our Lady of Mercy, with the vision of ransoming people who had been held in the Muslim territory.


Saint Raymond wrote the Summa de casibus poenitentiae, a book of cases for confessors, and had also established the Order of Our Lady of Mercy.

The saint performed really great work in the conversion of some Jews and Muslims to Christianity.

In the University of Santo Tomas is a building named in his honor, The St. Raymond Pennafort Building.

Death and Canonization

Saint Raymond died on the 6th day of January 1275 and was canonized in 1601.

Feast Day

January 7th is marked as the feast day of St. Raymond, which took hold from the year 1968. Before now, the date was the 23rd of January as was inserted in the General Roman Calendar in the year 1671.

4 Interesting Facts About St. Raymond of Pennafort

  1. Did you know that St. Raymond was called by Pope Gregory IX in the year 1230 to examine conscience cases?
  2. St. Raymond was assigned to be the master general of the Dominican Order in the year 1238.
  3. Did you know that St. Thomas Aquinas was able to write his Summa contra gentiles because St. Raymond urged him to?
  4. Did you know that St. Raymond is the patron saint of canon lawyers?

Prayer to St. Raymond of Pennafort

Lord have mercy, Lord have mercyChrist have mercy, Christ have mercyLord have mercy, Lord have mercyChrist, hear us. Christ, graciously hear us.St. Raymond of Penafort, pray for us.Master of Preachers, …Patron of Lawyers, …Father of Confessors, …Counselor of Penitents, …Apostle of Gentiles, …Evangelist to Israelites, …Ransomer of Captives, …Teacher of the Learned and the Ignorant, …Friend of Princes and Paupers, …Protector of Sailors, …Comforter of the Aged, …Defender of Marriage, …Champion of Religious Rights, …Advocate of Reason, …Guardian of Justice, …Promoter of Freedom, …Worker of Miracles, …Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, …Son of St. Dominic, …Son of the Church, …Holy Priest of Jesus Christ, …Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Spare us, O Lord.Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Graciously hear us, O Lord.Lamb of God, Who takes away the sins of the world, Have mercy on us.Let us pray. Glorious Saint Raymond of Penafort, wise and holy patron, come to the aid of those entrusted to your care, and all who flee to your protection. Intercede for us in our need, and help us through your prayers, example, and teaching, to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to all we meet.And when we have reached the fullness of our years, we beseech you to guide us home to heaven, to live in peace with you, Our Mother Mary, and Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

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