December 16

St. Valentine

St. Valentine


Valentine’s day is one of the most loved ‘unofficial holidays’ mainlybecause of what we celebrate on this day; love. You have probably donesome basic research to understand the origins of this beautiful day andyou came across the Catholic saint, St. Valentine. Now buckle up and getto know more about this saint of love.

The Beginning

San Valentino widely known as St. Valentine was born in 175 AD in Terniin Italy. He started off as an Italian doctor and later he became apriest. As a 3rd Century Roman priest and martyr, he lived during thereign of Claudius II, known as Claudius the Goth.

In Rome, Claudius was persecuting Christians. On the other hand, St.Valentine was playing a crucial role in helping those Christians. He wasalso actively involved in performing marriage ceremonies between youngChristian couples that were in love. Bear in mind, at this point, theRoman law forbade young people from getting married.

As a result of these roles, St. Valentine was arrested and imprisonedunder threat. The emperor tried to convert St. Valentine but the saintof love did not give his religion up. Claudius sent Valentine away toprison. While in prison, Valentine preached day in and day out.


Asterius was the guard at the prison where Valentine was. Asterius’daughter was blind, so he asked Valentine to hear her confession. Afterlistening to the confession, Valentine put his hands over the blindgirl’s eyes and chanted, “Lord Jesus Christ, enlighten your handmaidbecause You are God, the True Light.” After that, the girl regained hersight!

After the miracle, the guard was thrilled. He and most of his familymembers converted to Christianity. Who wouldn’t? Someone close to themhad experienced such a life-changing Christian encounter. Sadly, EmperorClaudius got to know about this conversion and order that they all getkilled.


Before his death, Valentine sent the girl a loving note which he signed,“from Your Valentine”. This marked the birth of the tradition we enjoytoday. The tradition of sending valentine’s cards.

Valentine was stoned and beaten with clubs. On the 14th of February, hewas beheaded. This was around 269 AD. He was buried at a Christiancemetery on the Via Flaminian and years later, a chapel was built on topof his remains.

On the same day, Valentine was killed, the bishop of Terni also calledValentine was imprisoned and beheaded by Placidus (the prefect ofPlacidus). This happened about 60 miles outside of Rome. There is abelief that these two incidences aren’t just coincidences. Some peoplebelieve that St. Valentine existed in two places at once. These couldalso have been two people who had the same name and died in an almostsimilar manner. What do you think?

Love for Love

St. Valentine is the patron saint of all things to do with love this isbecause of the love he had for love when he was alive. He is the patronsaint of happy marriages, betrothed couples, lovers, young people. Hisinvolvement in marriage ceremonies for typing couples is the main reasonwhy he is a patron saint for this important part of our lives.

St. Valentine is commemorated in the Anglican Communion and the Lutheranchurches. The Catholic church recognizes him as a saint and lists him assuch on the 14th of February entry in the Roman Martyrology. However, in1969, the Catholic church removed his name from the general Romancalendar.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Valentine

  1. His skull is on display in Rome and it is crowned with flowers.
  2. In 1836, the Carmelite priest John Spratt received a gift from Pope
    Gregory XVI. The gift was a small vessel tinged with St.
    Valentine’s blood.
  3. He is also a patron saint of beekeepers and epilepsy.
  4. In most artistic pieces, St. Valentine is often accompanied by roses
    and birds.
  5. Valentine’s day feast was established in 496 AD by Pope Gelasius

Prayer to St. Valentine

Dear Saint and glorious martyr,Teach us to love unselfishly andto find great joy in giving.Enable all true lovers to bringout the best in each other.Let them love each other in Godand in God in each other. Amen