October 28

St. Abraham

Saint Abraham

Life and Dedication

Saint Abraham was popularly known in the Bible as God’s best friend.He’s one of the oldest Christian Patriarchs.

Saint Abraham was initially known as Abram. He was born in Ur, which isnow known as modern-day Iraq around 2000B.C. His Father’s name wasTerah.

When Abraham was young, his father moved the family down to Harlan,which is now modern-day Turkey. Abraham believed in God even as a childand lived his life to please him.

After his father died, Abrahan was said to have been instructed by Godto move onwards to Canaan. He was promised abundance to live on and aprosperous generation.

As a man who genuinely believed in God’s words, he did exactly as he wastold. He traveled on to Canaan with his wife Sarah, who was then knownas Sarai, his nephew, and his servants.

They settled in Canaan and lived a prosperous life for a while. Theirhappiness was cut short by a famine that drove them out of the land.

Abraham and his family traveled on to Egypt where they lived for awhile. They then moved back to Canaan when Abraham was in his old age.

Sarah has also grown very old and was saddened by the fact that she hadno child to call her own. Agitated and anxious for a child, Sarahdecided that she could wait for ni longer.

She convinced a reluctant Abraham to lay with her maid Hagar. Sarahdiscovered that Hagar was pregnant and was bitter with rage andjealousy.

Instead of the happiness that she thought she would feel for this babythat she was going to adopt, she treated Hagar with cruelty. Hagar soongave birth to a Son that was named Ishmael.

Abraham and Sarah one day received strange guests. They cared for themen by giving them a place to lay and serving them fresh fruits andwine.

These men turned out to be angels of God and announced to Abraham thatin a while, Sarah would take in with a son. Sarah, who waseavesdropping, heard them and laughed out loud.

To her surprise, however, Sarah took in at the stipulated time. She gavebirth to a boy whom she cherished with her whole heart. She named thisChild Isaac.

It is recorded that Sarah’s disdain towards Hagar and Ishmael onlyincreased. For the safety of Hagar and her child, and also to appeaseSarah, Abraham set Hagar free and sent her far away.

It is Said that God promises to protect Hagar and the child.


Saint Abraham lived happily with his family until he heard shocking newsfor God years later. God commanded Abraham to make an altar andsacrifice his son on it.

Although sad, Saint Abraham chose to have complete faith in God and didas he was told. He built an altar and led his only child like a ram tobe slaughtered.

It is recorded that as Saint Abraham tried to slaughter his son, hesuddenly heard a thunderous voice. It was God commanding him that he wasnot to sacrifice his son anymore.

The Saint was said to have praised God. God’s love was free for him andhe once again promised Abraham a descendant that would be as countlessas the grains of sand on the ground.

Instead of the son he had waited for all his life, Saint Abraham wasmade to sacrifice a ram instead.

Saint Abraham is mentioned in the New Testament as an ancestor of theLord Jesus Christ. His name is used in the Roman Catholic Church as apart of mass and other prayers.


He died at the old age of 175 years. He is celebrated on the 9th ofOctober in the Roman Catholic Church and Lutheran Churches.

5 Interesting Facts About St. Abraham

  1. Did you know that Saint Abraham is venerated in Christianity,
    Judaism, and Islam?
  2. Did you know that Saint Abraham’s full name was Abram Ben Terah?
  3. Did you know that Saint Abraham’s father Terah was the ninth in
    descent from Noah?
  4. Did you know that Saint Abraham was 70 years old when he left Ur?
  5. Did you know that Saint Abraham was part of a race of Semites?

Prayer to St. Abraham

Abraham, your faith has conquered all evil, offering food to the threeangels; willing to offer your beloved son Isaac to show your preciousobedience for God Almighty. By this faith, you have shown how little weare, how corrupt and selfish we are towards God.Please pray for us, for we are weak and sinful. Please carry us in yourblanket containing all the souls of believers thanks to your humble andgracious first reaction to God. Amen.